Green Assets Wallet: Green Bonds and Blockchain

Validating Green Investment through Blockchain

The project, Green Assets Wallet: Validating Green Investment through Blockchain, is designed to equip green investors with the technology to better deliver on the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Stockholm Green Digital Finance together with ChromaWay will build the blockchain-based technology for validating green investment claims to deliver efficiency and transparency to the green debt market by immutable verification of green impacts.

A green blockchain

ChromaWay has been pioneering blockchain solutions since 2014. Our flexible and modular consortium database platform Postchain is a new paradigm for federated blockchains, combining the best features of blockchain and enterprise database systems. Complementing Postchain is Esplix, which provides secure and confidential smart contracting and workflow orchestration. A combination of applications built on these technologies will ultimately support a scalable green asset ecosystem around the Green Asset Wallet. Initially we will focus on establishing a robust blockchain backbone on which to issue green assets, and record different types of validation information throughout their lifecycle. Once this foundation is in place, we will focus on making the system as resilient and extensible as possible. This entails enabling a broad range of integrations, including document storage and generic support for automated monitoring devices. Although responsibility for ensuring that safe and reliable integration and reporting infrastructure is in place will lie with a broad range of actors and stakeholders, as the technology platform provider for the Green Asset Wallet ChromaWay is committed to building a solid platform on which great things can be built.