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Future House Sales

The Swedish Land Registry, ChromaWay, Kairos Future, Telia Company, SBAB Bank and Landshypotek Bank investigate Smart Contracts and Blockchain for the process of selling a house.

Second phase is now finished.

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Smart Blockchain Technology

Pioneers of blockchain 2.0

Our CTO Alex Mizrahi was the first to implement colored coins in 2012, also the first bitcoin 2.0 project. He started and lead the open source project until 2014 when it split into several companies. Currently we are building the next generation protocol for Smart Contracts.

Pioneers of bringing banks to the blockchain

Our partnership with LHV Bank and the product Cuber is a milestone, it is the first time an established financial institutions issues assets on the blockchain. Our partnership with Funderbeam is the beginning of more advanced financial products.

Research and inventions

Active in the academic community as well as in the bitcoin community, our research is benefiting both companies and the community.

Bank-grade Development and Platform

Our open source platform is built to handle security, network problems. Or in short: the real world. We offer cloud solutions around our platform and API:s and help you leverage it's potential. But always focusing on your business needs rather than selling what we've got.

New invention: Smart Contracts with Privacy

ChromaWay are currently working on a Smart Contract Platform that allows for digitizing and representing workflows in a secure, private and efficient way. We take complex transactions and workflows and simplify them into code.

This platform is currently in being tested by actors from the public and private sector in various use cases. The technology is suitable for Trade Finance, financial instruments, asset transfer systems and more.

If you want more information please schedule a call with us.

Cuber on iPhone A server

ChromaWallet Platform

Open source, bank-grade security, SPV.

ChromaWay has a complete open source enterprise platform for colored coins with an extended feature set and improved scalability. Today, it is used in real-world applications for the finance sector.

Our platform supports SPV. This means that clients verify all the data themselves, without trusting a server. It's the way that decentralized apps should work.

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Web wallets.
  • ChromaWallet Professional. A desktop client with advanced features.
  • ChromaWallet API. Open source and ready for implementing colored coins
  • ChromaNode. A high performance enterprise Bitcoin API that supports SPV
  • Solutions for improved scalabilty through federated sidechains


March 23, 2015

Business Insider Magazine features ChromaWay on top list

ChromaWay is at place 13 of the worlds most interesting bitcoin startups. (read more). With our latest news we hope to advance...

June 8, 2015

ChromaWay and LHV Bank launches Cuber

CUBER – LHV Bank started public use of blockchain technology by issuing securities. (read more)

June 17, 2015

ChromaWay receives grant from Swedish State

ChromaWay receives 500.000 SEK in a grant from Swedish State/Vinnova for innovative projects. (read more)

June 22, 2015

ChromaWay selected for Plug & Play Fintech Accelerator

ChromaWay joins lucky 20 of 800 applicants to join Plug & Plug Fintech Accelerator in Silicon Valley. (read more)