ChromaWay - blockchain pioneers

Relational blockchain

Combines the power and flexibility of mature relational database systems with the secure collaboration and disruptive potential of blockchain.
The relational blockchain represents the convergent future of blockchain and database systems. ChromaWay has two relational blockchain products:

  A private relational blockchain called Postchain which is perfect for enterprise applications.
Easy to develop, secure, and designed to integrate with existing business systems

  A public relational blockchain for public applications called Chromia.
With a powerful blockchain programming language, infinite horizontal scaling, and governance model predicated on fairness and flexibility, Chromia uses relational blockchain to take "dapps" to the mainstream.

How we work


ChromaWay's trajectory started when Alex Mizrahi, CTO and co-founder of ChromaWay, developed the original colored-coins, the revolutionary way to use blockchain for asset transfers. Since then,
ChromaWay has continued to deliver advanced blockchain solutions for the financial and governmental fields.

  Security first

At ChromaWay we build security software that uses blockchain technology, not the other way around.
Blockchain is not a magic bullet, but when done correctly it creates powerful structural security properties in distributed systems.

Our software is minimally disruptive, broadly compatible, and built with scalability and longevity in mind.

  Platform and infrastructure

We build original and foundational platforms for passionate creators.
We have a growing network of partners who are building amazing things using these platforms.

If you would like to become one of them, get in touch at : [email protected] and we will do everything we can to support you!

We work with

Landshypotek Bank
Tech Mahindra
Stockholm Green Digital Finance