For years, our experts have shared and published their blockchain/crypto knowledge in academic journals and in online forums such as bitcointalk, reddit, github and the Bitcoin-development mailing list.

Why Steem curation reward is needlessly unfair and how to fix it

This is a paper written by Alex Mizrahi on Steemit, about the unfairness of rewards in Steem curation. Alex Mizrahi proposes more fair solutions to the rewards of the users, such as rewarding them in relation with their steem power, making the distribution more proportional.

A blockchain-based property ownership recording system

For any kind of a high-value property (real estate, cars, art) it is important to have accurate records which identify the current owner and provide a proof that he is indeed the owner. From the point of view of a computer security expert, currently people have to rely on a trusted third party. E.g. a government agency might be responsible for keeping track of ownership information. Sometimes, these records are not preserved in a systematic way. Is it possible to keep track of property ownership through some kind of a distributed system which won't rely on trust? What would it require? This paper shows our idea of using colored-coins for this purpose.


A ChromaWay whitepaper, author Alex Mizrahi

Proof of Activity: Extending Bitcoin's Proof of Work via Proof of Stake

This is a paper written by Iddo Bentov, together with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, Alex Mizrahi, and Meni Rosenfeld, chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association. The authors analyse a hybrid between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake as a remedy against possible future attacks on Bitcoin.

Proof of Activity: Extending Bitcoin's Proof of Work via Proof of Stake

Iddo Bentov, Charles Lee, Alex Mizrahi, and Meni Rosenfeld

Original publication: NetEcon 2014

Cryptocurrencies without Proof of Work

This is a paper by Iddo Bentov, Ariel Gabizon at the Computer Science Department of Technion University, and Alex Mizrahi. The authors examine pure Proof of Stake protocols for decentralized cryptocurrencies in which the participants do not need to deplete physical scarce resources. This work includes both a critique of existing cryptocurrency protocols of the PPC/NXT kind, as well as an analysis of novel pure Proof of Stake protocols that seek to mitigate the problems that the existing protocols suffer from.

Cryptocurrencies without Proof of Work

Iddo Bentov, Ariel Gabizon, and Alex Mizrahi

Preprint (arXiv)

Sidechains before it was cool

In this reddit post from 2011 Alex Mizrahi outlines an idea similar to Sidechains. He proposes a block chain called HubCoin which runs in parallel to BitCoin.

Solving scalability and upgrade path problems through multiple block chains

Put ticket scalpers out of business

With colored coins any asset issuer can outsource many of their basic responsibilities to the relatively cheap and secure Bitcoin block chain. With a second hand market, we can end ticket scalping.

Bitcoin could put ticket scalpers out of business.
Sorry to say, but we told you to be careful before the MtGox crash

The last years we have seen several cases of people loosing money due to bad security. Early 2013 Alex Mizrahi warns about bitcoin security issues in this post, and mentions web wallets as one issue. PSA: Please do not invite non-tech-savvy users to use Bitcoin: It is very likely that their Bitcoins will get stolen.

Is anyone doing multi-sig?

Early 2013 Alex Mizrahi gives away a free business idea in this post where he suggests builing an interface for multi-signature. Several companies listened...

Twitter for the wealthy

The concept of Frozen Coin, a way to use bitcoin to prevent Sybil attacks, prevent spam, do a rating system and even a "twitter for the wealthy."

Smarter smart contracts with smarter colored coins

Usually colored coins are described as a simple asset transfer/ownership tracking system which lacks capabilities for advanced "smart contracts". This is largely true. But our idea for Functional Colored Coins and Hybrid Consensus provides an innovative solution.

Our researchers

Alex Mizrahi

Alex Mizrahi is an expert programmer who has been a contributor to the cryptocurrency research&development community since 2011:

Iddo Bentov

Iddo Bentov is a researcher whose PhD thesis is about Bitcoin and cryptography, and he has participated in the cryptocurrency community since 2011: