POSTCHAIN - the first consortium database

Databases are at the heart of enterprises. Now blockchain is a proposed alternative, a new kind of secure shared infrastructure. While both blockchains and databases support read and write, mature database systems offer sophisticated features for working with data that have been refined over years of development. A new architecture, the consortium database, combines the power and flexibility of mature database systems with the secure collaboration and disruptive potential of blockchain. The consortium database represents the convergent future of enterprise blockchain and database systems. Postchain is the first implementation of a consortium database, and it makes the market leading relational database systems into consortium database

Consortium Databases: The best of both worlds

A consortium database is just as good at managing data as a database, and just as good at being a secure distributed ledger as a blockchain. It is a better, more secure and less centralized database. It is a more mature blockchain with advanced and powerful features for managing validation and integrity, data independence, and the other great features that have made relational databases so ubiquitous.


Postchain is the first true consortium database. It is open-source, and works together with the most widely used database systems. Many database systems have been around for years and are trusted in production by enterprises around the world. This means that with Postchain, a blockchain solution can be implemented by a SQL developer. There is no need for specialized blockchain developers or an experimental codebase. Postchain has been built from the ground up to support the consortium database architecture.

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SQL Based

Empowers you SQL developers to become blockchain dev1elopers.

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Secure (BFT enabled)

Don’t trust your consortium members, validate.

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Postchain is a general framework that allows you to create your application on top of it.

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Easy to use

Postchains SQL based language and transaction system is easy to work with.

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Postchain is based on mature database technology that is well tested.

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Enterprise driven

Postchain was created as an enterprise solution, built for ease of integration and scalability.