A great 2016

A great 2016

A great 2016

2016 has been full of great news for us. All along the past months, ChromaWay has achieved amazing objectives that help improve payments around the world in different fields. With big amounts of effort and dedication, some of the achievements of this year show that ChromaWay is always looking forward to innovate and create new solutions for all kinds of customers.

With the creation of Cuber, the app that permits payments with euros that are easily transferred from peer to peer, we showed the world that there is another way to use the bitcoin blockchain, and that it can be applied to everyday life in a safe and fast way for everyone. The app was created in collaboration with LHV Bank in 2015, and thanks to the great innovation this service contributed with, we won the Innovation Award 2016, endowed by the Estonian Banking Association.

This was not the only award ChromaWay was rewarded with, but in November our mission was also recognized with the True Global Ventures Global Start-up competition. The competition reunited sixty startups from all parts of the world, and the decision was made upon a jury of banking and insurance experts.

Our CEO Henrik Hjelte with the True Global Ventures Award

Winning these two awards made us understand that our hard work was finally paying off. During this year, ChromaWay developed an association with the Swedish Land Registry, in order to create a service to simplify real-estate purchases with an easy app based on blockchain. The service has been technically improved throughout the year, and new partners have joined the project, like the banks SBAB and Landshypotek. A beta version of the service is currently being developed.

Henrik Hjelte for Di Digital, working in our new project

The development of our company hasn’t been made only in our headquarters, in Stockholm. Our team is composed by developers from different countries, like Israel or Ukraine, making ChromaWay an international start-up with a global trajectory. Our multicultural perspective and the will to expand our mission brought us to participate in different startup programs in Asian countries and to travel to different cities to show what we are best at doing: innovating. Our CEO Henrik Hjelte was in charge to explain ChromaWay’s products and to discuss the importance of blockchain and the changes this can carry with other participants in the Global Entrepreneurship Community Conference in Malaysia. The conference ended up with a dinner with the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

ChromaWay's Conference results in the Global Entrepreunership Community Conference in Malaysia

The participation in the startup accelerator The Open Vault at OCBC in Singapore also made us expand our horizons, meeting businesses from different countries and being able to learn from them. The experience broadened even more our global perspective. We were also able to talk to the World Bank to show our great innovations and to learn from the experts, but also to expand our relations with important companies and banks.

The team of participants at the Open Vault at OCBC

ChromaWay also spoke at the World Bank in Washington, a powerful institution dedicated to end poverty. In the conference, Or Perelman, COO and co-founder, spoke about how blockchain technology can prevent corruption and enable cross-border property transactions, presenting our project with the Swedish Land Registry.

Our new product, our participation in various conferences and other associations with renowned companies, like Kairos Future and Funderbeam, and banks around the globe, make ChromaWay a profitable start-up. Our long history and track-record in the blockchain field make us a trustable company, and we are working to maintain this trust all along the years that are coming.

Great products and partnerships are coming up in 2017, so stay tuned to get a glimpse of what we can create to make everyone’s life simpler and safer.

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