Postchain is a consortium database that offers highly resilient distributed database management with distributed control. Postchain is the only product on the market that combines the immutable consensus of a blockchain and the ACID properties of a database management system.

Postchain allows you to share information between companies and/or individuals in a secure and transparent way. By forming a consortium that has a shared consortium database you can safely reconcile and share data. Postchain uses a consensus mechanism that ensures that even if one or several of the participants in the system is hacked or otherwise compromised the system as a whole functions as intended.

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Esplix coordinates and verifies business agreements and business workflows by using smart contracts. With Esplix it is easier to arrive at results quickly and with more confidence, and you can cooperate with a wider set of partners.

The participants in an Esplix contract log their commitments to a blockchain. These commitments move the contract forward in a workflow. At any one time the state of the contract can be reviewed, and what commitments the participants have made, inspected. If needed, these commitments should hold up as evidence in a court of law.

Esplix is already working with products such as the Smart Contracts for Land Registration, and is compatible with Postchain.

Token Technology

Original colored-coins were developed by Alex Mizrahi in 2012. Colored-coins are considered to be the first project of blockchain 2.0, in association with LHV Bank. The project is the first of its kind in Europe, showing that blockchain can be adapted to the real world. One of the implementations we have done to this day with original colored-coins is the app Cuber, that allows to share money from different accounts without the need to be part of the same entity or bank.

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