Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of ChromaWay's company culture.
We actively seek opportunities both to improve the environment and to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we do business.

Green Initiatives

ChromaWay acknowledges the powerful impact of going green. We take the initiative to create approaches to business that are not only beneficial to the company, but also beneficial to the planet.
One of the ways in which we strive to implement green approaches to business is to take on projects that have the potential of being beneficial for the environment.
An example of such a project is our Green Asset Wallet-project, where we work together with Stockholm Green Digital Finance with the goal of mobilizing and unlocking private capital through blockchain technology to fund green bonds.

We are also environmentally aware in our daily operations, and some of the initiatives ChromaWay strives to implement consist of using the bare minimum of all universal waste including, batteries, mercury-containing equipment and light bulbs.
We also aspire to maintain a clean air supply by encouraging employees to take public transportation.

In addition, ChromaWay plans to offset the entire company's yearly greenhouse gas emission quantity by investing in developing nation's climate projects.
ChromaWay has awarded a Gold Seal by the Green Business Bureau for the green initiatives that we have implemented so far. To us, green certification is not just about reducing and recycling. Instead, we believe that being green emcompasses a new way of reasoning and continuing with our company's forthcoming endeavours.

As a result, we are inclusive, as well as, considerate to the environment in our future plans at ChromaWay.

Others Initiatives

ChromaWay has undertaken several projects to support communities in an empowering and innovative way.
One such project is the partnership with the government of Andhra Pradesh in India, where a blockchain solution for land registries has been evaluated to prevent fraud and misuse of land registration and title transfer.
ChromaWay has also been working with Aion Sigma to allow financially excluded individuals in Nigeria to get a credit history through blockchain Technology.
The project has the goal to generate financial trust for individuals in places that have thus far been lagging in financial trust.