Future House Sales

The Swedish Land Registry, ChromaWay, Kairos Future and Telia Company investigate Smart Contracts and Blockchain for the process of selling a house. This is also a showcase of our Smart Contracts Technology.
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The report cover
The report cover

Andhra Pradesh’s Land Registry Pilot

The government of Andhra Pradesh is exploring technologies like blockchain that can help solve fraud and misuse problems by decentralising data storage in such a way that it becomes difficult to manipulate without having the proper authority and following proper protocols. This  has the potential to eliminate fraud and errors, and greatly reduce the administrative burden of land registration and title transfer. ChromaWay has partnered with the government of Andhra Pradesh to build a blockchain-powered solution, bringing to life a secure and smart system for land registration.


With Funderbeam syndicates, a startup can raise more funds from many international investors without crowding its cap table. Working with just the syndicate lead, founders can escape perpetual fundraising mode, exhausting investor relations, and focus on growing their business.

As an investor, you can invest in startups around the world and trade your investment tokens whenever you wish. All transactions on Funderbeam are recorded on the blockchain, making investing and trading fast, transparent, and secure.

ChromaWay did the blockchain backend for Funderbeam, and provide a cloud service and API that the Funderbeam team use. It is a solution using our colored-coins protocol and technology.

The report cover
The report cover

The Cuber case

Colored coins is a way to use the Bitcoin infrastructure to transfer tokens of value. We use a tiny amount of bitcoins to represent financial products, real-estate, tickets and so on. Some of the features of colored coins are Bitcoin integration, mature security model, and atomic transactions between assets. Our protocols are the result of a thoughtful evolution of the first colored coins software in existence, that we implemented in 2012.

With colored coins, Cuber can transfer euros on the Bitcoin network without being affected by fluctuations in the price of the Bitcoin currency. Cuber is now in a beta. The apps are in the app-stores as "Cuber Wallet" but the Euro-tokens have only been given to selected testers.

We are now together with LHV working on ways to solve the inherent issues with scalable and fast payments, while keeping the openness. We want Cuber to be an open platform for payments and thus open for collaboration with different partners.

Upcoming International Cases

With many projects coming up from different parts of the world, ChromaWay is working to provide solutions to governments and companies that are interested in specializing in blockchain technology. Read more about the cases coming up here.

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