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The story.

ChromaWay started with the pioneering work done by Alex Mizrahi on original colored-coins since 2012, when he made the first implementation. Alex led the colored coins open source project until 2014 when he, together with Or Perelman. Iddo Bentov and Henrik Hjelte, formed Chromaway.

Since then ChromaWay has kept innovating and is behind projects and services such as Postchain, a private blockchain that combines the power of a SQL database with the security of a private blockchain. ChromaWay has also been a pioneer within using blockchain technology, being part of the first project to have a bank issue a currency on the Bitcoin Blockchain with LHV Bank in 2014. ChromaWay is also the first company to have the first Western government exploring blockchain for Land Registry with the Swedish Lantmäteriet.

Our head office in Stockholm is situated in one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, the Central Station.

We work very closely with the Fintech Hub and with many start-up ecosystems of the city, like SUP46.


Co-Founder, CEO

Henrik Hjelte

25+ years as a developer and 10+ years as an entrepreneur. Ex. Senior consultant in Finance and IT. MSc Economics from Uppsala University.

Co-Founder, COO

Or Perelman

Bitcoin expert focused on marketing and growth. Co-founder of Safebit, an early user-friendly bitcoin wallet. Extensive Blockchain marketing experience and contacts. Law (LLB) degree from College of Netanya.

Or Perelman
Alex Mizrahi
Co-Founder, CTO

Alex Mizrahi

Did the first implementation of Bitcoin 2.0 in the world. Lead the open source colored coins project from 2012. MSc in applied mathematics from Donetsk National University, graduated with honors. Author of several academic papers about Bitcoin. Also known as “killerstorm”.


Rain LÖhmus

Rain Löhmus is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of two banks. Hansabank was sold to Swedbank in 1999 and then LHV Bank . He is an Investment Manager and Member of Management Board of AS LHV Capital.

Ryan J. Orr

Serial entrepreneur and reformed professor. Cofounder of Zanbato, Crosscoin VenturesElastic Path and Chronicled.

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is the founder of Litecoin, the second biggest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, and an early Coinbase employee.

Richard Brown

Richard Brown is Head of Technology, R3 CEV. Previously Executive Architect, Industry Innovation, Banking and Financial Markets for IBM UK. We recommend his blog.

Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham is a South African entrepreneur who is the co-founder & CEO of Civic and previously Gyft. Also a blockchain celebrity and a dragon in the South African edition of the Dragons Den TV-show.

Brad Peery

Brad Peery has 48 years of experience in Electrical Engineering, Portfolio Management, Telecommunications Analyst, Institutional Investor, Entrepreneur and VC.

Correy Voo

Correy Voo is a CTO, Architect, Strategist, Advisor and Consultant. He has experience as a CTO of UBS, President and Chairman of Open Data Center Alliance and Global Head of Applied Strategy & Architecture at Bank of America.

Chromapolis Advisors

Yiseul Cho

An MIT graduate and ex-Facebooker. She is a venture partner at FBG Capital and the founder and organizer of Hyperledger London. Yiseul is a Managing Director at Zen9, a London based blockchain research firm founded in 2015.

Guy Corem

Guy has deep experience with startup financing, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrencies. In addition, he has worked with leading enterprises and ventures including Intel, Boxee, and Voltaire.

Danny Yang

A Harvard graduate with a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford. He is the founder of BlockSeer, an analytics tool for blockchain based transactions and applications, and Maicoin, a bitcoin services platform with offices in Taipei and Palo Alto.


Jörgen Modin

Jörgen Modin

Chief Solutions Architect

Systems analyst with a background in supplying collaborations workflows for researchers and architecting and programming bitcoin applications. Experienced educator.

August Botsford

August Botsford

Technical Director

Long time open-source enthusiast with degrees in philosophy and information security. Specialises in analysing and communicating complex systems and applications, bridging the gap between people and technology.

Irene Ramón

Irene Ramón Ferré

Communication and PR Manager

Graduate in Advertising and PR and Master in Media Analysis. Many years of experience in communication and events in various agencies and companies.

Tian Lin Shao

Tian Lin Shao

VP Business Development Asia

Blockchain enthusiast and cryptos investor with the ambition to impact the business and society in the future. Previously worked with banking and financing for over 4 years. Studied in US, Sweden, Asia and earned two master degrees. Trilingual (Mandarin, English and Swedish). Won the second place of Swedish cryptos championship in 2017.

Todd Miller

Todd Miller

VP Business Development USA

Led technology product development and industry partnership initiatives for more than ten years at Fannie Mae. Prior to that, managed innovation projects at Price Waterhouse and HP/EDS consulting.

Riccardo Sibani

Riccardo Sibani

Senior Blockchain Consultant

Soon to have his double master in IT and Economics in a joint program among best European universities (EIT). He developed concepts and proof of works for ICOs, user authentication over blockchain and roles management over blockchain.

Christopher Jämthagen

Christopher Jämthagen

Senior Core Developer

MSc and PhD with a focus on software security from Lund University. Worked on second-layer solutions for Bitcoin, namely the Lightning Network. Free software and privacy enthusiast.


ChromaWay has published many research papers on different topics related to blockchain technology and bitcoin. Iddo Bentov and Alex Mizrahi are authors of recognized academic papers in the blockchain community. Many institutions and students have also been interested in ChromaWay, writing thesis and academic essays on our work and technology.

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